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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

So dela dropped volume 2 of his atmosphere airlines mix cd. i didn't listen to the first one but change of atmosphere, (which i posted earlier) was so ill so i felt compelled to post this. the track list looks dope so make sure to check it!

Dela - Atmosphere Airlines Vol. 2

Anthony williams Berrics Recruited clip. good to see he is still skating and ripping after the fall of icecream!

Stork patrol, by the same guys who made jizz in my pants. some funny ish.

check out these nike id bespoke af1's mayor made. pretty good for an af1 if you ask me. not worth $820 but i am sure mayor didn't pay for them ;) i would love it if nike brought back the air max 1 with suede and mesh options though

weekend post
so its the weekend and i don't have much to say. i got a whole bunch of dope youtube clips to post up and i am still working on my best of 08 post. so here is an album and two clips to keep you going through the week

Y Society - Travel at Your Own Pace

also if anyone has reach - corner speech, hit me up cuz i need it!


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