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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No music this time. just a quick update to hold y'all over through christmas.

This clip is of my homie joel mcilroy. He is really talented and deserves your attention. Look out for the bay area homies to come up in 09!

This cat goes by the name of spencer brown. I haven't heard of him at all before and this part hit me the same way marshall heath's did when i peeped it last year. anyway check it out, dude rips. plus they used T.R.O.Y. for the song!!@!!@ how can you go wrong?

And here is the first decent pair of air max 1's nike has put out in god knows how long. A simple colourway combined with mesh toebox and suede toecap/mudguard is a win in my books. Unless they bring back the suede and mesh options on Nike ID with a nice palette of colours, we can only hope the designers continue down this path of simplicity. These could definitely be better but they are leaps and bounds ahead of anything released this year.


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