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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2008 has been a wonderful year of music, in particular hip-hop (my most beloved genre). Some will tell you that rap/hip hop fell off this year, with it becoming stale due to over-commercialization (i.e. ringtone rappers) and an abundance of trends and fads. However one only needs look past the surface and delve a little deeper than what the mainstream presents to find some truly wonderful music. Here is my top 25 favourite albums from this year, in no particular order. Please take the time to listen to all of them and purchase if you like them, as the albums and artists are truly worthy of your money.

Shawn Jackson - First of All..

Koushik - Out My Window

Nieve & Cook - Away With Words

Moka Only - Carrots & Eggs

Panacea - A Mind On A Ship Through Time

Surreal - Pardon My Dust

14 KT - The Golden Hour

Evidence - The Layover EP

Black Milk - Tronic

J-Live - Then What Happened?

Dela - Change of Atmosphere

Finale & Spier 1200 - Develop

Little Vic - Each Dawn I Die

Jean Grae & Blue Sky Black Death - Evil Jeanius

Reks - Grey Hairs

Theory Hazit & Vintage - Lord Fire

Kooley High - Summer Sessions EP

Pacewon & Mr Green - The Only Colour That Matters Is..

Elzhi - The Preface

Q-Tip - The Renaissance

eMC - The Show

Buff1 - There's Only One

Nicolay & Kay - Timeline

Common Market - Tobacco Road

Now On - Tomorrow Already

Whew, that was a doozie. Note there is 3 different covers for the now on album but i only put up 1. As i tried to keep this all hip hop i left out a couple great albums from other genres. I will do another post with my favourite stuff from other genres later on. I will be pretty busy over christmas and new years so i won't have much time to update, but i will whenever i get a chance. Stay safe and have a great christmas!


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